Madonna Threatens ‘B—h’ Who Confronts Her Over Gun Control

Madonna reprimanded a user on Instagram for her comments concerning gun control, according to The BizPac Review.

The comments came following recent events regarding the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright.

Karen Gayler suggested that madonna was being a hypocrite, “I bet you have people with guns to protect you and your family.”

Gayler continued, “If you take the guns away criminals will ALWAYS find weapons.”

“You live behind high walls with protection. You do not live in the real world.”

“Criminals do not fear police, judges, or jail.”

“But if we are an armed society they would fear the victims.”

Madonna replied, “B***h I don’t have any security or armed guards around me. Come see me and tell me to my face how not real my world is. I dare you.”

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“You know nothing about me or my life. The only criminals I see right now are the police who are paid to protect the people.”

“But police are protected by judges and the criminal justice system which is a joke because there is no justice if you are a person of color.”

Madonna said, “Of course your name is Karen.”

“There have been over 130 mass shootings in the U.S. so far and we’ve only gotten to April. A Tragedy made all the more tragic because there is. Solution. It’s called Gun Control! Wake Up America! History just keeps repeating itself. #wakeup #guncontrol.”

Tobin said, “I can tell you this. The makeup of the population out here certainly changed tonight. I think Sunday night it was all about the locals that were here: They were genuine and angry.”

“As it goes on, you get more people coming in from out of town.”

“I had several people that I spoke with who identified themselves as Antifa — and angrily so. So you had that crowd out here.”

From The BizPac Review:

The former queen of pop, 62, posted a video of the incident involving Wright, 20, of Brooklyn Center, Minn., a suburb of Minneapolis, warning her followers that it is “deeply upsetting” while being critical of former Police Chief Tim Gannon’s explanation that the shooting by veteran officer Kimberly Potter was an “accident.”

Both Gannon and Potter have resigned following the shooting, which appears to have been accidental, according to video from Potter’s body cam. She is heard on the video yelling “Taser! Taser!” as another officer struggled to detain Wright after he broke free while being handcuffed and dove back into his vehicle, but she was holding her service weapon by mistake, which she only appeared to realize after she fired at Wright.

Earlier, Madonna posted a photo of herself behind glass that had been shattered by a bullet in which she lamented mass shootings in the U.S.

Wright’s death sparked new rioting and looting in Brooklyn City and nearby Minneapolis, where former police office Derek Chauvin is currently on trial for the murder of George Floyd nearly a year ago.

At least some of the rioters self-identified as members of Antifa to Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin Tuesday night as violence raged in the city.


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