House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Comments, Rioters Would Have Had A Fight — ‘I’m Pretty Tough. I’m A Street Fighter.’

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U.S. Capitol security guard promptly ushered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi out of danger during the Jan 6 Seige of Capitol Hill, according to The Blaze.

Pelosi said that if rioters had gotten ahold of her they would have had a big fight on their hands.

Pelosi expressed gratitude for the security agents that removed her from harm’s way.

“That’s what they were setting out to do,” referring to a mob that reportedly wanted to kill her.

Pelosi was asked if she was frightened.

“Well, I’m pretty tough. I’m a street fighter. They would have had a battle on their hands.”

“I was never personally afraid because I had so much security for myself,” Pelosi said.

“I was afraid for everybody else, and I’ll never forgive them the trauma that they caused to the staff and the members.”

“I do think it will have an impact on how people decide to come to work here or stay to work here.”

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From The Blaze:

Then she lifted a foot to show the reporter her 4-inch-high stilettos, USA Today said, and added, “I would have had these” to arm herself with.

Pelosi told the paper that the trauma the mob put people through was unforgivable and that many staffers and members of Congress are still dealing with the aftereffects.

The riot resulted in at least five deaths, including that of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.