Spiraling: Biden White House Is ‘Plummeting Like A Rock In Water’ Over The Brutal Mishandling Of Border Crisis, Texas Gov. Abbott Claims

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made claims that The Biden Administration’s poll number will plummet due to the Border Crisis, according to Fox News.

Abbott said, “That obviously is bad unto itself, bringing kids in and exposing these kids to getting Covid and spreading Covid.”

“But you need to add it to what they are doing to fellow Texans, for example, at these migrant children centers.”

“There are people who are residents of Texas who go in there and work and they are exposed to these kids who have Covid.”

“The adults working in those centers could themselves be exposed to Covid, maybe get it and take it into our communities, spreading Covid in our communities.”

“If you go back to the presidential campaign, open borders are the Democratic Party policy.”

“They are really fulfilling campaign promises that they made.”

“However, that said, we are seeing the polling data for the Biden administration is plummeting like a rock in water because of their mishandling of the border situation and their absenteeism from dealing with it.”

“This is only going to make it even more challenging for the Biden administration.”

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“It will detract from his efforts to accomplish other goals and I think it will continue to turn the United States against the Biden administration for their mishandling of this because it does lead to unsafe conditions for Texans, for families, for farmers, and ranchers in the state of Texas who are being overrun not just by these migrants but also by the cartels and smugglers who are going through their homes, going into their communities, going through their ranches, causing very unsafe conditions.”

From Fox News:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that the Biden administration is fulfilling the Democratic Party’s “open borders” platform and the migrant surge will hurt the president’s poll numbers.



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