Protesters Left A Severed Pig’s Head At A Witnesses Former House That Testified In The Derek Chauvin Trial

Vandals smeared pig’s blood all over a house they thought belonged toBarry Brodd, according to Fox News.

Brodd said he hasn’t lived at that residence in years.

Brodd is a retired police officer that was a defense witness in Chauvin’s murder trial.

“It’s more of a challenge to, again, put yourself in the officer’s shoes to try to make an evaluation through what they’re feeling, what they’re sensing, the fear they have, and then make a determination.”

“That isn’t an incident of deadly force. That’s an incident of an accidental death.”

From Fox News:

The Santa Rosa Police Department issued a statement on Saturday that said it seemed that the “suspects in this vandalism were targeting” Brodd for his testimony. The statement said the vandals seemed to have targeted the wrong home because Brodd has not lived there for years.

Police responded to the home at about 3 a.m. Saturday and discovered blood on the home and a severed pig’s head on the front porch.

Brodd, a former Santa Rosa police officer, told the court last Tuesday that it is “easy to sit and judge … an officer’s conduct.

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Chief Rainer Navarro, the Santa Rosa police chief, said in a statement obtained by the Associated Press that Brodd’s comments “do not reflect the values and beliefs” of his department.


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