Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe Files Major Lawsuit Against Twitter After Being Permanently Banned Last Week

James O’Keefe is suing the Social Media Giant Twitter after the platform permanently banned him, according to Town Hall.

O’Keefe has been digging into A story concerning CNN and what is going on behind the scenes at the news network.

According to the story CNN was peddling false information to depict certain things in order to influence the election.

CEO James O’Keefe sued Twitter in The Supreme Court regarding “false and defamatory” statements.

From Town Hall:

O’Keefe was exposing an insufferable liberal network’s dirty laundry and got jammed for it (via Project Veritas):

The lawsuit was set in motion after O’Keefe’s personal account — with nearly one million followers — received a permanent ban from Twitter, for operating “fake accounts.”

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The ban was issued almost immediately following Veritas’ release of Bombshell undercover CNN videos, where Technical Director Charlie Chester calls the network “propaganda” and admits to using “fear” as a way to drive viewership.

O’Keefe intends to show how Twitter acted with “reckless disregard” for the “falsity of this claim.”

Well, where’s the evidence then? The Federalist tried to ask the tech giant about the fake accounts and audience manipulation charges they’ve hurled against the investigative reporter. They got stonewalled:

Twitter refused to provide any evidence Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe, who was permanently suspended from the platform Thursday after his latest exposé on CNN trended for days, operated fake accounts to justify the ban… A Twitter spokesperson officially declined The Federalist’s inquiries into what accounts O’Keefe was allegedly operating Friday.

O’Keefe is known for successfully arguing his case in the courts. He recently clinched a big win against The New York Times after a judge refused to toss O’Keefe’s defamation lawsuit against the paper. It’s still David and Goliath here, but never underestimate the little guy with a sling.


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