BREAKING: House Passes Bill To Make 51st State

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The House of Representatives just passed the bill that could make Washington D.C. is its own state, according to The Daily Caller.

H.R. 51 was passed 216-208 designating “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth” the 51st state of America.

Washington D.C. will still have a separate federal district.

The GOP holds the opinion that this recent move is unconstitutional.

Republicans claim that Democrats have the desire to turn Washington D.C. into its own state because they want to add two more democratic senators to Congress.

Democrats would also be able to add another representative to the House.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy noted, “The Democrats’ D.C. statehood scheme is about two things: consolidating power and enacting radical policies. The American people see right through this blatant power grab.”

Democrats need at least 10 Republicans to vote in favor of turning it into a state.

However, without a filibuster, Democrats wouldn’t need a single Republican vote.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said, “Believe me, on D.C. and Puerto Rico — particularly if Puerto Rico votes for it, D.C. already has voted for it and wants it — [we] would love to make them states.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell issued a warning in September that Democrats would end the filibuster if they gained control of all three branches or government.

“After they change the filibuster, they’re going to admit the District as a state.”

“They’re going to admit Puerto Rico as a state. That’s four new Democratic senators in perpetuity.”

According to reports, the bill has full support of the Biden Administration and the White House.

From The Daily Caller:

Democrats still need to get a few of their own to vote with them in the Senate, such as West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. (RELATED: Joe Manchin’s Position On DC, Puerto Rico Statehood Remains A Mystery)