Neighbors Of Ma’Khai Bryant Come Forward, Shatter BLM’s Narrative On Shooting

Ma’Khai Bryant, the 16-year-old that was shot for being ravenously violent, was shot because she was trying to stab another girl with a knife, according to The Western Journal.

Neighbors have come forward with revealing information.

“If the officer hadn’t done what he did, I think we’d have two girls dead,” stated Donavon Brinson, a neighbor that lives across the street.

Brinson caught the whole incident on his home security camera.

“It was violent and all just happened so fast.”

“They were calling each other the B-word, so I figured it was just a girl fight.”

“I saw a bunch of cop cars coming down the street.”

Ira Graham III said, “I saw a bunch of cop cars coming down the street.”

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Bryant “was literally aiming a knife at this young lady,” Graham stated.

“She was in full attack mode.”

“I can certainly see why the police officer chose to stop her.”

“Now, whether or not less-lethal force could have been used, whether or not a Taser could have been chosen instead of a gun — I don’t know.”

“But I do know that with Ma’Khia having that lethal weapon in her hand, she did need to be stopped.”

Keith Ferrell said, “We have a duty to protect the public and ourselves, certainly, the public.”

“These are the kind of decisions officers are forced to make every day, and with this transparency, the public can see that.”

“As unfortunate as it is, we do not know potentially how many lives could have been lost in addition or people seriously injured.”

Kiara Yakita noted, “As soon as he got out of the car, he had the gun ready to shoot somebody.”

“Law enforcement and city officials are rushing to make excuses because she had a knife. Those excuses are not valid to me.”

Philip Stinson said, “My first impression is that the officer was legally justified in using deadly force.”

“It’s a terribly tragic situation, and my heart goes out to the girl and her family and friends.”

“But from looking at the video, it appears to me that a reasonable police officer would have had a reasonable apprehension of an imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death being imposed against an officer or someone else.”

“That’s the legal standard.”

“An officer is justified in using deadly force if his life or the life of someone else is at risk.”

“Few would argue that there weren’t at least two lives there that were at serious risk.”

From The Western Journal:

That logic was lost on some activists.

But experts in the use of force say Reardon was justified.

James Scanlon, a retired Columbus SWAT officer who serves as an expert witness regarding the use of force, also supported Reardon’s actions.

Reardon acted “to save the life of someone he doesn’t even know,” he said.

“It’s a shame that no one has recognized that that officer, in all likelihood, saved one or more lives,” Scanlon said.


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