Fact Checkers Confirm That Biden’s New Climate Change Plan Does NOT Say Anything About Limiting Meat Consumption

Correction Notice:

A fact check by Science Feedback confirms that Biden’s new climate change plan does NOT say anything about limiting meat consumption.

Joe Biden plans to save the planet one burger at a time, according to Trending Politics.

“Americans may have to cut their red meat consumption by a whopping 90 percent and cut their consumption of other animal based foods in hall.”

“To do that, it would require Americans to only consume about four pounds of red meat per year, or 0.18 ounces per day.”

Trump official Larry Kudlow said, “Speaking of stupid, there’s a study coming out of the University of Michigan which says that to meet the Biden Green New Deal targets, America has to, get this, America has to stop eating meat, stop eating poultry and fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, and animal-based fats. Ok, got that? No burger on July 4. No steaks on the barbecue.”

“I’m sure Middle America is just going to love that. Can you grill those Brussels sprouts? So get ready. You can throw back a plant-based beer with your grilled Brussels sprouts and wave your American flag. Call it July 4th Green.”

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“Now, I’m making fun of this because I intend to make fun of it. This kind of thing is stupid. It comes from a bunch of ideological zealots who don’t care one whit about America’s well-being. Not one whit.”

From Trending Politics:

The Biden administration continues to demonstrate that it is the most extreme regime to ever gain control over America and they’re only getting warmed up.

Rather than govern as the “moderate” that he was falsely presented as during the campaign, Joe Biden has ruled like a full-blown dictator, signing off on executive orders in astounding numbers and putting the nation on a course into a dystopian future where freedoms that have long been taken for granted will be canceled.

The latest outrage coming out of the White House was the 46th president’s big Earth Day Climate Change Summit where the masked Biden vowed that he would appease the wildest demands of activists by cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 52 percent over the next decade and to zero by 2050.

While Biden didn’t provide details on what exactly his administration would do in terms of the sweeping changes required to meet that ambitious goal, a study by Michigan University’s Center for Sustainable Systems lays out some of the demands that could be made on Americans including their being forbidden to eat meat in excess of four pounds per year.

That amounts to one burger per month.

The reaction to Biden’s going all-in on the crackpot climate change “science” that has been introduced into America by authoritarian globalists who are thrilled to have such a malleable puppet in the White House was met with immediate scorn including from Fox Business host and former Trump official Larry Kudlow.

How Biden and his handlers would enforce such lunatic fringe restrictions that would not only strip Americans of their freedom to decide what they can be allowed to eat and when but also destroy the domestic meat and restaurant industries is unknown, although given the flagrant disregard for the Constitution over his first 100 days everything is on the table – with the exception of real meat.


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