Large Crowd Gathers In Protest In North Carolina In Response Following The Death Of Andrew Brown Jr.

Protesters took over the streets of Elizabeth City, North Carolina and have occupied the city for 6 days straight, according to Fox News.

Shotty footage from a police bodycam was released to the parents of Andrew Brown Jr.

Parents said that it was only a small portion of the footage and protesters took to the streets.

“Say his name! Say his name!” the crowd chanted.

“What a spit in the face. What a slap in the face,” stated, Tony Riddick.

“They just want to see what happened. It’s humane. It’s a humane ask,” stated Curtis Gatewood.

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More from Fox News:

Protesters took to the streets in Elizabeth City, North Carolina for the sixth consecutive day Monday, following the killing of Andrew Brown Jr. last week.

The protests took place several hours after Brown’s family said they were only allowed to see a small portion of police body camera footage of the April 21 shooting. Authorities have released few details on the shooting and video of the incident has not yet been made public.

On Monday evening, hundreds of protesters marched through the city’s downtown area, as some carried signs and chanted: “Release the tape! The real tape!”

Local police — who were blocking traffic to allow the protests to pass by — were confronted by the crowd on two occasions, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Elizabeth City police warned people on social media to expect delays and road closures in the area, as traffic was redirected in response to the protests. At one point, demonstrators blocked traffic on a heavily used roadway in the city, according to reports.

WAVY News 10’s Brett Hall tweeted that demonstrators took to the streets to “disrupt commerce.” Hall said many believed the redacted version of the footage was evidence it was “a cover-up.”

Protesters also went to the home of Pasquotank County Attorney R. Michael Cox, as some called on him to resign, he added.

Bakari Sellers, an attorney for Brown’s family, previously claimed that Cox tried to keep lawyers for Brown’s family from viewing the footage, according to the New York Post. He criticized Cox and police for showing only 20 seconds of the video. Sellers also claimed Cox used profanity during a meeting with attorneys and members of Brown’s family.


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