WATCH: Don’t Mess With The Frying Pan Guy! Pink-Masked Antifa Antagonists Get Walloped With Frying Pan

A video went viral after footage was captured of Antifa instigators having the tables turned when they messed with the wrong cigarette smokin’, fryin’-pan-totin’ wild man, according to Louder With Crowder.

Don’t forget to turn up your volume!

From Louder With Crowder:

Not since Based Stickman has such a hero emerged. Not since an Antifa Douche accidentally set another Antifa Douche on fire with a Molotov cocktail have I laughed so hard. Friends, I present to you Frying Pan Guy!

Usual viral video disclaimers apply. Location is unknown. Context is both unknown and uncared about. It’s possible that the two in the pink masks didn’t deserve being cracked so hard with a frying pan that it rang off their skulls. I’m not here to render judgment on Frying Pan Guy. I’m only here to remind you to turn your volume up.

The video is only sixteen seconds and leaves me wanting more. What was Frying Pan Guy’s morning like before attending the Antifa protest? I get the bulletproof vest. And the cigarette just makes him look cool. But why a frying pan? I’m going with two theories. The first is that he got to the rally, realized he left his bat at home, but there was a Kohl’s nearby, and he had a 30% off coupon. The second theory was that he was making a frittata that morning. A friend called and asked if he wanted to go mess with some Antifa clowns. Frying Pan Guy figured he needed protection and since the frying pan was dirty anyway, he decided to bring that.

What is your origin story, Frying Pan Guy? We need to know!

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