St. Louis Man From Viral Stand Your Ground Video Commends Louisville Diner That Draws Hand Gun: ‘That Guy’s A Champion’

Mark McClosley stood outside his front door in St. Louis as BLM protesters marched up his street. Photographs of McCloskey went viral on the internet. Now McCloskey is praising the man that stood his ground at a restaurant in Louisville as BLM protesters swarmed the restaurant, according to Fox News.

“He’s got my tremendous respect,” McCloskey said.

“I’ve been saying for 10 months now that that’s what everybody needs to do.”

“They’ve got to stand up for their rights and not get bullied – and that’s what the Second Amendment is there for.”

“I think if you’re sitting there having a nice lunch and people storm in, and they’re armed, you’ve got every right to stand up and defend yourself,” McCloskey said.

“Boy, that guy’s a champion,” McCloskey stated.

“He’s got a heck of a lot of courage, and I wish everybody else in the country would stand up and not take it sitting down.”

“The media mob will kill you if the armed mob does not.”

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More from Fox News:

It was not immediately clear what led to the standoff. A Louisville police spokeswoman told Fox News Tuesday that both “patrons and protesters brandished firearms,” but the department did not respond to requests for more information. No injuries were reported.

One of the diners declined to comment for this story, and the other did not immediately respond to Fox News.

Images of the standoff immediately drew comparisons to the McCloskey incident in suburban St. Louis.

McCloskey and his wife, Patricia, went viral last summer after a mob of BLM protesters smashed through the iron gate to their private community and swarmed inside, ignoring the “No Trespassing” sign.

Both of them are personal injury attorneys in their 60s. They armed themselves, went into their front yard and told protesters to get off of their private property in what they have maintained was self-defense.

St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner later charged them both with unlawful use of a weapon.

A judge subsequently stripped the case away from Gardner’s office and placed it in the hands of a special prosecutor over an apparent conflict of interest. Then on Wednesday, news emerged that she would be facing a disciplinary hearing for alleged misconduct in 2019 during a probe into former Republican Gov. Eric Greitens. She is at risk of losing her law license.

The McCloskeys are scheduled to go to trial in November.

They have offered their support and advice to the diners seen in the Louisville incident after dealing with cancel culture and mob threats themselves.

He said he worried that the government is no longer protecting citizens from violent protests – nor is the mainstream media.


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