Grandma Announces She’ll Be Running For Board Of Education To Keep Critical Race Theory Out Of School Curriculums

A right-winged grandma is running for her local school board to stop Critical Race Theory from being taught in local schools, according to The Daily Wire.

“They’re trying to fight racism with racism, and fight intolerance with intolerance, and that’s not how you go about it. We need to go back to Martin Luther King Jr.”

“Every day I’m out talking to people…I get calls, emails, text messages from parents who are concerned about what’s being taught in schools, but they are afraid to speak out.”

“There’s a ton of hidden conservatives, and even a lot of moderate dems are saying ‘we have to get this garbage out’ [of the schools].”

“Too many of our at-risk students have fallen behind in the last year due to COVID-related school closures. We need to get our children back for full-day school, five days a week, as quickly and safely as possible.”

“Children aren’t learning the things most important to their futures because social agendas are coming first. Jeanette Schade will advocate for a quality education that emphasizes the essentials.”

“Our schools need to focus on areas like reading, writing and arithmetic instead of controversial areas like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE).”

“Our schools need to emphasize the many different career paths that students may take, including fields in Career and Technical Education (CTE)…We [also] need to work with those who plan to attend community college or learn hands-on skills for blue-collar occupations.”

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More from The Daily Wire:

This is courage personified: a conservative grandmother running for her local school board in Oregon.

In 2020, residents in Beaverton, OR, voted for Joe Biden by a whopping 59% margin, with only 19% of the vote share going to Donald Trump. Undeterred, conservative school board candidate Jeanette Schade thinks she has a shot in this deep-blue Portland suburb.

According to Schade, educators are unwittingly teaching school children racism under the guise of “anti-racism,” even going so far as to offer a segregated graduation for black high school students for the first time this spring. “They’re trying to fight racism with racism, and fight intolerance with intolerance, and that’s not how you go about it. We need to go back to Martin Luther King Jr.,” she told The Daily Wire.

The rise of divisive, racialized curricula and the permeation of inappropriate sexual content in schools inspired this grandmother and 23-year veteran teacher to run for school board.

Despite what she perceives to be widespread silent support, the campaign hasn’t been easy. Opponents, including the local teachers union and Antifa, have mobilized against her, advocating on social media for the removal of her lawn signs, even going so far as to organize a “march” to protest against her candidacy.

Zeroing in on her stance against Critical Race Theory in k-12 schools, opponents claim repeatedly in public posts that Schade is a “white supremacist,” “racist,” “homophobe,” “transphobe,” “anti-semite,” “bigot,” and “covid denier,” to name just a few of the epithets.

According to Schade, lawn sign theft has also been rampant and has been endorsed by members of the teachers union in private Facebook groups. Her own lawn signs were stolen from her residence within 2 hours of placing them, and multiple supporters have reported the same.

Schade also reports that for the past 2 weeks, the harassment against her has been nearly 24-7 with angry phone calls to her home coming in at all hours of the night. Facebook messages calling her a “racist waste of flesh,” a “racist skank,” and “NAZI!” filter in throughout the day. Still, Jeanette remains undeterred. “Some people would be scared. I’m not.”


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