Outraged Mothers Share Why They’re Fighting Mask-Mandates After Their Concerns Were ‘Totally Ignored’

Monica Wilbur and Angie Van shared their perspective of mask mandates, according to Fox News.

“I was at that meeting because kids really have no voice of their own, and I felt that my and other parents’ legitimate concerns over their kids, social, learning, and health needs were totally being ignored,” Monica Wilbur stated.

“One size does not fit all and adults who have higher risks should not project their fears or expect the youth to carry the burden of those fears.”

“You haven’t signed up ma’am, we are going to close citizen participation,” a board member can be heard saying.

“We’ve had health difficulties due to the masks.”

“One of my children has a deviated septum, so his oxygen intake is already significantly reduced, which hurts his ability to concentrate and sleep,” Wilbur commented.

“We also have another child with speech recognition problems and his speech-sound disorder makes normal communication difficult, which you can imagine how that’s made worse with masks.”

From Fox News:

Police in Utah are reportedly investigating possible criminal charges against a group of anti-mask protesters who sparked an early end to a school board meeting this week, interrupting speakers and chanting “No more masks!”

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The chaotic scenes captured on video during Tuesday’s Granite School District Board of Education meeting come as Utah has issued a public health order still requiring masks to be worn inside all of its K-12 schools through June 15 or the end of the school year – whichever is sooner. Elsewhere, the state’s coronavirus restrictions and mask mandates have been lifted.

Wilbur then implored the district to let parents “evaluate our individual circumstances regarding masks that are in the best interest of our families” — despite the state of Utah saying that school boards don’t have the legal authority to end the mask requirement in schools.

Following Wilbur’s speech, the fired-up crowd could be heard interrupting the next two speakers, including Democrat State Sen. Kathleen Riebe.

The meeting then erupted into chaos as the board in the Salt Lake City-area district called for an end to public comments after Riebe was at the podium.

Wilbur told anchor Steve Doocy that the mask had an adverse effect on one of her children.


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