Floridian Woman Arrested For Drunk And Disorderly Conduct – Claims Victim Of A Jealous Motel Manager

Florida woman that was arrested for disorderly intoxication claims that she is the victim of a jealous hotel manager, according to Fox News.

Ocala police reported that during the arrest the woman, whose name is Melody Carr, was wearing a bikini and hanging out with her dog.

police reported that Carr became “verbally aggressive” and demanded that the officers leave her alone.

Carr claims that the hotel made the report to the local authorities because the hotel manager was “jealous that her body looked good.”

Carr was charged with disorderly intoxication

An animal control officer took possession of Carr’s dog.

From Fox News:

Carr claimed she had been at the Country Inn & Suites with her boyfriend, but she left after getting into a fight with him.

The situation reportedly escalated when police told Carr she needed to leave the second hotel or she would be charged with trespassing: She hopped a fence and pulled her white Mustang convertible into a nearby BP gas station, hitting the parking bumper.

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The gas station’s owner told Carr she couldn’t keep her car there, after which she got angry and left, Local 10 News reported.

Police arrested Carr on suspicion of intoxication, and she admitted to having a drink earlier that morning but couldn’t explain why she smelled of alcohol or was visibly intoxicated.

Carr was booked into Marion County jail and released on a $2,000 bond.


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