‘Saturday Night Live’ Creates Jokes About Current Controversies Regarding CDC Mask Guidelines: ‘Is This A Trap?’

‘SNL’ jabbed at the CDC and Dr. Fauci and other controversial current events, according to Fox News.

“A lot of people had questions such as ‘What does that mean?’ ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ ‘Is this a trap?’”

“Hi, we’re four different friends from three different households.”

“We’re all half-vaxed and traveling by train from Florida to the U.K.”

“One of us is old and severely at-risk.”

“And one of us is a baby.”

“How many of us should wear masks and in which order?”

From Fox News:

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The CDC’s new guidance saying fully vaccinated people can go most places without masks has caused confusion since some states like California and New York have kept mask orders in place and many businesses have as well. Others have expressed frustration because there’s no process to make sure only vaccinated people are removing their masks, essentially meaning unvaccinated people likely won’t have to wear them either.

In another CDC skit, cast member Aidy Bryant, playing a bartender, agreed she deserved to get the virus for believing Beck Bennett, a man coming into a bar at 11 in the morning, would also be a man who chooses to get vaccinated.

“That’s on you,” Bennett told Bryant.

Other skits attempting to clarify the guidelines included a couple who realized they didn’t like the bottom part of each other’s faces once they took their masks off and a woman who thought she didn’t need to wear a mask in a store because she’s gay.

At the end of the sketch, several cast members danced together during the CDC’s maskless “vision for the future,” agreeing, “When we come together as a society we can solve anything” – except apparently the Israel-Palestinian issue.

In summary, McKinnon’s Fauci asked everyone to get vaccinated to “enjoy life with no masks. Except [the ‘Saturday Night Live’] audience. You guys have to keep them on.”

The show’s Weekend Update segment continued to make fun of the CDC’s guidance, saying it was “great news” – “except if you go to most places,” co-host Colin Jost said, pointing to a graphic that listed airports, buses, trains, subways, hospitals, schools, Target, Starbucks and New York.

The episode was hosted by comedian Keegan-Michael Key with musical guest Olivia Rodrigo.