Brutal Rejection: New Poll Is Bad News For Kamala Harris, Shows What Americans Really Think About Her

Americans are fed up with VP Kamala Harris, according to The Red State.

The Economist/YouGov survey revealed that 48% to 41% of Republicans had an unfavorable perspective of Harris.

According to Recent Polls, Democrats held a 74 % favorable viewpoint of Harris.

According to this same survey, Democrats were 19% unfavorable of Harris.

Republicans held an 84 % unfavorable perspective of Harris.

Republicans were 12 % favorable of Harris.

Independents opinion of Harris seemed to be unfavorable by 57% to 32%.

A reporter ran to her side in defense and quickly accused the GOP of racism and misogyny.

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More from Red State:

That means one in 5 Democrats polled deemed her unfavorable, as did nearly 3 in 5 independents, as the Washington Examiner observed.

Naturally, a reporter came running to her defense, blaming racism and misogyny by Republicans.

Except there’s a few problems with this, besides being tired and wrong. It’s the Independents who are doing in the approval, ultimately. Conservatives would be all in for a black, conservative woman.

So, maybe it could just be Kamala’s ideology that’s the problem?

How about how inauthentic she truly is? She’s almost as bad Hillary Clinton. What about the flip flopping? Not to mention the horrible, inappropriate cackle that’s a tell whenever she didn’t want to answer a question.

As we saw in the primary, she couldn’t even get Democratic votes, she was so unpopular. She had to drop out early. And she wasn’t popular with black voters then either.

Why? In part because she got destroyed over her record. Remember this moment with Tulsi Gabbard?

Since she’s gotten in, the only thing that she’s done is be assigned by Joe Biden to deal with the border and that’s only gotten worse, with media reporting about how she’s failed to go to the border; and she’s blamed it in part on the “lack

That’s not a good look for the Democrats, particularly if Joe Biden goes under and she’s supposed to be his replacement.


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