Video Of Actor Confronting Costco Mgr For Having To Still Wear Masks Sets The Internet On Fire

Ricky Schroder confronted a Costco manager over requiring face masks and suggests everyone cancel their COSTCO memberships, according to The BizPac Review.

“Because in the state of California and in the county of Los Angeles, and Costco, there has been no change to our mask policy,” the employee stated.

“There has been. Didn’t you see the news?” Schroder stated. “Nationwide Costco said you don’t need to wear masks.”

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From The BizPac Review:

Costco announced Friday that it was lifting its policy requiring masks inside stores, but said areas with state or local mask mandates may still require them. And while some states dropped those mandates after the new CDC guidance, others, like Democrat-run California and New York, kept the requirement in place.

The result is a convoluted and confusing environment that some businesses contribute to by not pushing back in states that have suddenly decided to ignore the CDC — which was the very entity they previously fell back on to require masks.

California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom said last week he may lift the statewide mask mandate around mid-June, and “Jason” explained this to Schroder.

“Oh, if they allow us? If they grant us that, our kings?” Schroder said. “The people in power. You’re going to listen to these people? They destroyed our economy. They’re destroying our culture. They’re destroying our state. And you’re just going to listen to their rules?”



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