55 Days And Counting: VP Harris Still Has Not Held A Press Conference Or Gone To The Border Amid Immigration Crisis

Kamala Harris still hasn’t gone to the southern border nor has she held a press conference concerning the border crisis, according to Fox News.

Monday marked the 55th day that Harris has avoided addressing the subject with the press.

Supporters have risen to her defense stating that it’s simply not her job to take tours of facilities or hold press conferences.

Meanwhile, the border crisis seems to be getting steadily worse.

The Biden administration has set plans to restart the border wall construction.

“We had illegals attempting to traverse the perimeter fence at one of the local schools at the southern side of the city,” Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano stated.

From Fox News:

The border crisis does not seem to be improving.

The Democratic mayor of a Texas border town said illegal aliens continue to flood across the Rio Grande from Mexico, overwhelming Border Patrol and local authorities, as Biden seeks a reversal of Donald Trump’s policies in that arena.

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Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano, just across the border from Acuña, Mexico, told “Your World” that most recently, a school near the border was forced into lockdown after more than a dozen illegal immigrants attempted to breach the property via a fence.


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