Woman Escorted Off Of Southwest Airlines In San Diego – Arrested For Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant was assaulted by a passenger, according to Fox News.

28-year-old Vyvianna Quinonez was taken off of the airplane and was placed under arrest for battery causing serious bodily injury.

Taro Arai witnessed the incident and shared information regarding the matter.

“They started to argue and the passenger stood up and punched the flight attendant in the face and knocked her out,” passenger Taro Arai said.

“Crazy thing was after that, the passenger sat down like nothing happened and the flight attendant was standing and watching us,” Arai said.

From Fox News:

Just before 9 a.m., the Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department received reports of a “disturbance on Southwest Airlines Flight 700” that landed at the San Diego International Airport from Sacramento.

Southwest told Fox News the airline had been informed that the passenger had “repeatedly ignored standard inflight instructions and became verbally and physically abusive upon landing.”

Taking the brunt of her anger was one of the flight attendants who suffered “injuries to the face and a loss of two teeth,” TWU Local 556 President Lyn Montgomery said in a letter to the airline that was obtained by Fox News.

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Montgomery said the latest in-flight event is just one of the hundreds of misconduct incidents that have occurred on Southwest flights in recent weeks.

“I write to you today because we cannot tolerate our beloved cohearts being abused in such a manner, and because I am asking for your help and leadership in ending these travesties,” the letter said.

The union said there have been 477 incidents on Southwest from April 8 to May 15.


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