Cuomo Compares Voter ID Laws To Murdering People Of Color – Journalist Takes To The Streets To Ask Blacks If They Carry ID

Cuomo compared voter ID laws to the murdering of black people, according to The Western Journal.

“A through-line, a through-line of hate,” Cuomo stated.

“A through-line means that just because there’s not another Tulsa massacre doesn’t mean the efforts are not equally unholy and un-American, those efforts that we’ve seen recently.”

From The Western Journal:

On the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, the establishment media has found a way to cheapen not only the lives of black people today, but victims of the vicious 1921 riot as well.

Cuomo just established a parallel between one of the most deadly race-based attacks in American history, and black Americans being required to present a form of identification at polling places.

The mainstream media’s shame knows no bounds.

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According to the CNN host, an ideology that has always been relegated to “the fringes of society,” what he calls “abject bigotry,” is now “at worst embraced and at least minimized” by the Republican Party.

Ironically, he doesn’t seem to recognize that his own words represent the very ideology of hatred he so denounces the Republican Party for supposedly adopting.

Official estimates taken at the end of the riot put the death toll at around 36 total, including 26 black Americans. Many historians now believe, however, that over 300 may have died in the riot. Now, Cuomo has elected to cheapen their lives tenfold.

The anchor continued to say that 48 states have introduced laws intended to curb election fraud and protect future election integrity. However, according to Cuomo, these laws do nothing but “restrict voting rights.”

The idea that black people are incapable of obtaining voter ID is not only a pure representation of the “abject bigotry” Cuomo claims to hate, but it’s also far too common.

The Washington Post reported in May 2016 that “obtaining a photo ID can be far more difficult than it looks,” especially for “elderly citizens, African Americans, Hispanics and low-income residents.” Using a 2017 University of Chicago study, The Post again reported, “Strict ID laws mean lower African American, Asian American and multiracial American turnout.”



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