WATCH: Biden Commits Another Humiliating Gaffe; Without Looking At WH Transcript It’s Difficult To Even Comprehend

Joe Biden made more questionable comments during an address he gave regarding the pandemic, according to The Western Journal.

“Since January 20, we’re talking now about 15 months ago, the average daily cases are down from 184,000 to 19,000,” Biden stated.

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From The Western Journal:

There’s no doubt that’s laudable against COVID-19, and no doubt it’s largely due to former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed vaccination program (credit Biden and his fellow Democrats will never extend where it’s due).

There’s also no doubt it’s one of the most disturbing gaffes in Biden’s long history of mangled sentences.

In fact, it’s tough to even understand without a look at the transcript, since a normal person would assume at first that Biden was referring to his inauguration date of
Jan. 20, but the “15 months ago” reference would have put it — roughly — in January 2020, a time when Biden was not only not the president, but talk of coronavirus cases was not even on most Americans’ horizon.

The official White House transcript clears things up. It also makes clear that some judicious editing was in order (note the brackets):

Just like that, thanks to shameless editing, “15 months” gets changed to “[5] months”.

But there’s a bigger question.

Considering how much the world has changed since January 2020, when Trump was still in the White House, Biden was still a private citizen, and many American cities had yet to experience the murderous violence that wracked the country for much of year, it doesn’t seem like much to expect the man who holds the presidency to remember that.

But this is Joe Biden, the candidate whose constant gaffes on the campaign trail would have disqualified him for office if the mainstream media hadn’t been desperate for any Democrat to defeat Donald Trump.

It’s worth noting that Biden’s confusion of Jan. 20 — the date he was inaugurated to the presidency — with January 2020 — a month that now seems like the Age of Innocence in some ways — went largely ignored by the same mainstream media that carried Biden’s moribund campaign across the finish line in November.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean it disappeared.

Mainstream media figures are free to ignore lapses like this, of course. The liberals who run the nation’s newsrooms have the man they want in power. If he’s a doddering, potentially corrupt political hack of the worst order, it clearly doesn’t make much difference.


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