Barack Obama Openly Suggests The Republican Party Is ‘Rigging The Game’: Trump Questions Election Gets Locked Down With Ban

Obama suggested that the Republican party is ‘rigging the game’ while Trump questions the system and gets muted, according to The Western Journal.

Obama said, “That’s the kind of dangerous behavior that we’re going to have to push back on.”

“And you had one of the major American political parties not only fail to condemn some of that behavior, but embrace a patently false narrative about the election being stolen that is being still perpetuated and now that same major political party being willing to initiate legislative — you know — actions across the country where they’re saying, ‘we’re going to let partisan legislatures decide whether or not to certify an election,’ uh, and institute voter suppression measures directly targeted, for example, at cities in those states, so there’s a different set of rules for how votes are counted in Atlanta versus how they’re counted in the rest of Georgia…”

“I think the corporate community has a responsibility to at least call folks out on that. Because that transcends policy. … Do the basic rules by which we all have agreed to keep this diverse, multiracial democracy functioning, are we going to stick to those rules or are we going to start rigging the game in a way that breaks it?”, Obama said.

“And that’s not going to be good for business, not to mention not good for our soul.”

From The Western Journal:

The relevant quotes from Obama’s appearance are in the interview below. (Try to overlook the usual Obama self-aggrandizement.)

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Memo to Obama: What was “not good for our soul” was watching the chaos that ensued last November after Democrats changed the rules leading up to the presidential election. Unprecedented numbers of absentee ballots overwhelmed the system, resulting in major chain of custody issues in all of the swing states, providing a gaping opportunity for both voter and electoral fraud.

Regarding the Republicans’ failure to condemn the “behavior” on Jan. 6, my recollection is a bit different. To an almost nauseating degree, every Republication politician and pundit prefaced virtually every comment uttered about the Capitol incursion with strong condemnation. It was as if they were required to issue a disclaimer before any discussion could begin.

The former president is gaslighting when he says that laws requiring voters to show an ID is “rigging the game.”

During an interview last week with New York City WABC 770 AM radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” according to Breitbart News, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, “The only reason you don’t want people to have a photo ID is that people can cheat. That’s the only rational answer as to why certain people want no photo ID requirements.”

In a Friday interview with The War Room’s Steve Bannon, Paxton said that, had his office not blocked several Texas counties from mailing out absentee ballots to every registered voter as they had planned, Biden would have won Texas in November.

“… [C]ertainly critical to my state and that’s why we fought off these 12 lawsuits. We had them in Houston, we had them in San Antonio, we had them in Austin, we had them in the counties where you’d have the most liberal judges,” Paxton told Bannon.

“And it was a concerted effort, nationally, with lots of money going into it, and just knowing that we had 12 lawsuits that we had to win, and if we lost one of them, like if we lost Harris County [home to Houston]. Trump won by 620,000 votes in Texas. Harris County mail-in ballots that they wanted to send out were 2.5 million, those were all illegal and we were able to stop every one of them.

“Had we not done that,” Paxton explained, “we would have been in the very same situation — we would’ve been on Election Day, I was watching on election night and I knew, when I saw what was happening in these other states, that that would’ve been Texas. We would’ve been in the same boat. We would’ve been one of those battleground states that they were counting votes in Harris County for three days and Donald Trump would’ve lost the election.”


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