‘We’re In Big Trouble’: Democrats Nervous – Republican Mayoral Victory In Texas Town With 85% Latino Residents

Javier Villalobos won the mayoral election in McAllen, Texas, a town that is reportedly 85% Latino, according to The Daily Wire.

“Republicans celebrated Javier Villalobos’ narrow win in the mayor’s race in McAllen, Texas, on Saturday even though the race is technically nonpartisan.”

“Villalobos, an attorney, was appointed to the Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board by [Texas Republican Governor Greg] Abbott in 2018 and is the former chair of the Hidalgo County GOP.”

“Let me start by thanking the voters, my team, my family & everyone who helped run this campaign,” Villalobos stated on social media.

“Thank you McAllen for trusting & believing in me. I promise to not let you down.”

“Republicans and Hispanics in Texas share common values, and more Hispanics are voting Republican and getting elected as Republicans,” Governor Greg Abbott said. “They want to help keep Texas Red.”

“Amazing news! McAllen, Texas is a major border town of 140,000 people. 85% Hispanic — and just elected a Republican mayor,” Steve Cortes said on social media.

“The macro realignment accelerates in South Texas, and elsewhere, as Hispanics rally to America First: Strong Borders, Economic Nationalism, Pro-Police.”

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Sawyer Hackett said, “A GOP county chair just won a race for mayor of McAllen, Texas, a city that’s 85% Latino. Hillary won the county by 40 points. If the Democratic Party doesn’t get serious about Latino outreach, we’re in big trouble.”

“Hispanic Republicans, especially women, have become something of political rock stars in South Texas after voters in the Rio Grande Valley shocked leaders in both parties in November by swinging sharply toward the G.O.P.”

“That conservative surge — and the liberal decline — has buoyed the Republican Party’s hopes about its ability to draw Hispanic voters into what has long been an overwhelmingly white political coalition and to challenge Democrats in heavily Latino regions across the country.”

From The Daily Wire:

Democrats were stunned over the results of a mayoral race in South Texas over the weekend after the town elected a former chairman of a local county-level Republican Party.

The election comes as the U.S. southern border has been flooded with illegal aliens under Democrat President Joe Biden. Vice President Kamala Harris was tapped to lead Biden’s response to his border crisis, yet she still has not visited the border and has not held a news conference about the border crisis.

Villalobos, who is currently a McAllen City Commissioner, beat Veronica Whitacre by a couple hundred votes in the election. Hidalgo County, which is home to McAllen, voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton by more than 40 points in 2016 and went to Democrat Joe Biden by 17 points in 2020.



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