Jill Biden: Joe Biden Is ‘Over Prepared’ For Diplomatic Trip To Europe – ‘Bringing Love From America’

Dr. Jill Biden claims that Joe Biden “over-prepared” for their diplomatic trip to Europe, according to Fox News.

Jill wore a jacket with bedazzled lettering that said, “LOVE.”

“It is important for people to feel a sense of unity and hope after this year of the pandemic,” Jill Biden stated.

Joe Biden has been “studying for weeks.”

“He’s over-prepared.”

“Joe and I are looking forward to meeting the Queen.”

“We’ve looked forward to this for weeks.”

“It’s a beautiful beginning.”

Jill Biden insisted that they are “bringing love from America, trying to bring unity across the globe.”

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From Fox News:

First lady Jill Biden on Thursday said President Biden is “over prepared” for his first overseas trip since taking office, ahead of summits and face-to-face meetings in Europe with allies and other world leaders.

The first lady traveled with the president to the United Kingdom on Wednesday, and is set to participate in a number of events.

When asked about the president’s preparations ahead of his European tour, the first lady said he has been “studying for weeks,” but noted that he “knows most of the leaders” that will be participating in the summits from his days as vice president in the Obama administration.

During her time in the United Kingdom, the first lady will join the president in meeting Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

The first lady is expected to travel back to the United States on Sunday after meeting with the Queen. The president is set to travel to Belgium ahead of the NATO summit.


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