Abbott Responds – As Promised, Pay Checks Canceled In Texas: Democrats Walk Out To Halt Election Integrity Bill

Abbott upheld his promise when he vetoed the funding for the democratic legislature after Democrats walked out in order to block a bill regarding voting integrity, according to The Western Journal.

Abbott shared that “funding should not be provided for those who quit their job early, leaving their state with unfinished business and exposing taxpayers to higher costs for an additional legislative session.”

“I therefore object to and disapprove of these appropriations.”

“Texas has a governor, not a dictator,” Turner stated.

“The tyrannical veto of the legislative branch is the latest indication that [Abbott] is simply out of control.”

From The Western Journal:

This is an interesting tack to take when you consider the tactics that brought it about.

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The legislation, Senate Bill 7, was passed in the state’s upper house and needed to be voted on by law by the lower house before the legislative session would close. Instead of a vote, which they were certain to lose, Turner had a different idea: According to The Washington Post, he sent his caucus a text message at 10:35 p.m. instructing them to leave.

Yet again, we have some absolutely fascinating ideological acrobatics from a member of the Democratic Party.

Bills oughtn’t to be crafted without input from the other side? This certainly isn’t the case in Washington, D.C., where Republicans have been shut out of negotiations on multi-trillion-dollar spending bills because they control neither house of Congress.


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