New Poll Reveals: 1 Out Of Every 3 Americans Believe That Biden Won The Election Due To Voter Fraudulence

A poll revealed that 1/3 Americans believe that Biden only won the presidential election because of voter fraud, according to The Western Journal.

32% of American that took part in the poll revealed that they believe that Biden won the election on account of voter fraud.

“In similar Monmouth polls conducted in November, January and March, the number of voters who believe that fraud cost former President Trump a second term in the White House has remained steady at 32 percent.”

“The polling underscores how pervasive Trump’s false claims of a stolen election have become among his supporters in the months since the 2020 presidential race.”

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From The Western Journal:

That would be the narrative forwarded by those in the establishment media bent on protecting the sitting president and classifying claims of election fraud as drivel pushed by Trump.

While it is true that there was insufficient evidence of voter fraud and irregularity to overturn the results of the election, it is also true that voter fraud and irregularity occurred anecdotally throughout the country.

This is in fact cause for concern — and reason to pass election integrity laws and investigate claims of fraud.

As it turns out, there is far more evidence of voter fraud than of “voter suppression,” which has become the term used by Democrats to describe anything that prevents Democratic operatives from voting for Democrats on behalf of others.

But the reason why one-third of Americans profess to believe something that so far has not been definitively proved is that partisan politics is ascendant over questions of objective truth.

This means that asking someone whether he believes the election was fraudulent is the same as asking which candidate he supported — Trump or Biden.