Biden’s Gun Speech Torn To Shreds Within Seconds, Conservatives Sound Off

Joe Biden gave a gun speech and conservatives ate him alive, according to The BizPAc Review:

“Background checks for purchasing a firearm are important; a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines — no one needs to have a weapon that can fire over 30, 40, 50, even up to 100 rounds unless you think the deer are wearing Kevlar vests or something; community policing and programs that keep neighborhoods safe and keep folks out of trouble,” Biden said.

“We know summer job training — summer jobs, training, and recreation for young people work. They help make sure young people pick up a paycheck instead of a pistol. One study found a Boston summer jobs program for youth reduction reduced violent crimes by 35 percent in Boston,” Biden said.

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From The BizPac Review:

Speaking immediately after Garland, the president used some of the most cliched, debunked gun-control talking points to trash firearms. For instance, he started off by listing strategies that he claimed “we know … reduce gun violence and violent crime.”

Background checks already exist, and there’s no such thing as “assault weapons.” It’s a made-up term used to fear-monger over America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15.

The president went on to announce plans to crack down “on rogue gun dealers,” to pursue “a strict enforcement of background checks,” to enact a “zero-tolerance” policy toward gun dealers who “violate existing laws and regulations,” to create “five new strike forces to crack down on illegal gun trafficking,” etc.

The number of background checks being conducted each month has been at historical highs because of all the Americans buying guns, so again, it’s unclear why the president remains fixated on them versus on lying gun purchasers like, say, his eldest son.

The president’s eldest son, Hunter, purposefully lied on a federal background check in 2018 so that he could purchase a .38 revolver. What he did is a federal offense, yet he’s never been held accountable. Why?

Continuing his speech, the president made the case that resolving the crime epidemic in Democrat cities will require offering “summer job training.”

The remarks drew comparisons to Obama administration State Department spokesperson Marie Harf’s “jobs for ISIS” remarks of 2016.


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