Chuck Schumer Blasts Media For Helping Despicable Former POTUS Continue To ‘Win So Many People Over’

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer seems to be stuck on Trump, according to The Red State.

From The Red State:

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Chucky lost his crap, not because of “despicable” Donald Trump, presumably Fox News et al., but because things weren’t supposed to play out as they are playing out, more than five months after Biden’s inauguration. Democrats held the House — barely, and recaptured the Senate — barely, but it was a clean sweep. On paper, anyway.

What Schumer and the Democrats fail to grasp — at least, publicly — is that Biden himself has been his own worst enemy. Prior to the election, he often played the “Look at me,” card. “Do I look like a radical socialist?” Throughout his almost 50 years in D.C., the answer was mostly, “no.” But from day one of his occupancy of the White House? Oh hell yeah. He has signed every radical left-wing executive order shoved in front of his vacant face, and then some — most likely with no questions asked.

Then, of course, the continuing Biden Border Crisis. Biden all but sent mariachi bands to the U.S.-Mexico border to welcome illegal aliens into the country — notwithstanding his nonsensical naming of Kamala Harris as his “border czar,” who in turn has only made a spectacular fool out of herself in her quest to figure out “the root causes” of the continuing invasion of illegals.

As for Chucky’s meltdown, Twitter was all over it, as one might expect, with most of the backlash either pointing to Chucky’s obsession with Trump, or Biden’s disastrous presidency. A few relevant examples: