Judge Ends Racist Anti-White Biden Administration Policy – Discriminating Farmers Federal Forgiveness Loans

U.S. federal judge Marcia Morales Howard of Florida torched the racist antiwhite policies the Biden Administration has implemented, according to The Western Journal.

“Because government cannot use racial classifications to decide who gets government benefits and burdens.”

“Scott is fighting back to restore his right to equal treatment for all farmers.”

“Section 1005’s rigid, categorical, race-based qualification for relief is the antithesis of flexibility.”

“The debt relief provision applies strictly on racial grounds irrespective of any other factor.”

“Every person who identifies him or herself as falling within a socially disadvantaged group who has a qualifying farm loan with an outstanding balance as of January 1, 2021, receives up to 120 percent debt relief — and no one else receives any debt relief.”

“The law allows loan forgiveness of up to 120 percent but only for minority farmers and ranchers, who the law automatically treats as ‘socially disadvantaged,’ regardless of their individual circumstances.”

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The Biden administration policy singled out that “socially disadvantaged” people were those that qualify as “Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander.”

From The Western Journal:

The plaintiff in the case was Scott Wynn, described by the Pacific Legal Foundation as “a lifelong farmer who has run Wynn Farms in Jennings, Florida, producing sweet potatoes, corn, and cattle since 2006.”

Like many farmers, Wynn was relying on relief from the federal government to help him stay afloat amid the crisis.

The hang-up in his case, however, is that he is the wrong skin color for the Biden administration.


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