VP Harris’s Travel Officials Are Quitting – Harris Gets Called Out For Going To El Paso Rather Than Another Immigration Facility Location

Kamala Harris’ top travel officials are quitting according to Town Hall.

The two officials said they are “leaving the vice president with her critical support staff in flux as she seeks to ramp up travel ahead of big vaccine and voting rights pushes she is planning through July.”

“The vice president’s office, according to a person familiar with its hiring, is currently short on travel support staff, and the call for advance associates came as the administration has also been planning Ms. Harris’s high-stakes trip to the southern border.”

From Town Hall:

The vice president was photographed wearing a mask while meeting with Border Patrol agents, despite having been fully vaccinated, months ago. If she wants to encourage those who are hesitant to get vaccinated that it’s worthwhile, the vice president may want to rethink wearing a mask.

Naturally, the White House is spinning the news. “A spokeswoman for Ms. Harris said the departures were long planned and that both women are currently engaged with finding their replacements,” Karni and Rogers wrote. “Many of those officials came in with an understanding that they would stay only on a short-term basis,” the report also read in closing.

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During Harris’ trip to Mexico earlier this month, someone dropped the ball and allowed an imposter to what one would think is a highly secure event, considering it’s the vice president. The position doesn’t sound all that worthwhile for the stress of that security breach alone. That imposter was able to ask Harris a question, as well as gush about how she voted for her.



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