Leftist Agitators Storm White House Grounds, Blockade Entrances, Release Demands To Biden

Liberal activists took over the White Hosue and gave their demands, according to The Western Journal.

“Today we showed up to @JoeBiden’s doorstep with 500+ people and blockaded every entrance to the white house, demanding that he include a fully funded #CivilianClimateCorps in his infrastructure bill.”

“Secret Service then arrested dozens of us.”

“Oh! This is totes a #Insurrection!” Ron Coleman tweeted. “Help us please @FBI!”

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From The Western Journal:

And there lies the problem.

The establishment media has no standards whatsoever.

This means that it isn’t even hypocritical, just riddled with unprincipled people willing to use whatever tactics may be necessary to manipulate their way to whatever they think they want.

We have heard for months that the Jan. 6 incursion of the Captiol wasn’t merely bad optics, but the worst day in modern American history; that it was an attempted insurrection that almost toppled our democracy, even though the certification of results resumed that evening; and that the people responsible were cold, calculating assassins of the republic, rather than fools who identified themselves for future prosecution by documenting themselves committing a crime.

The fact is that the Capitol incursion was an ugly event to cap an ugly election season. But the threat to democracy never came from the morons in barbarian garb taking selfies with the House speaker’s gavel.

The threat comes from journalists who act as though the leftist agenda serves the country better than a relentlessly skeptical free media holding the government accountable.



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