Lee Zelden Torches Ilhan Omar – Suggests That She Be Dismissed From Her Committee Position Due To Anti-Semitic Statements

Lee Zelden tore into Ilhan Omar, accoridng to Fox News.

Zelden said, “I don’t believe that she really even understands what the problem is with what she said.”

“She tries to equivocate anti-Semitism with all sorts of other things—she references xenophobia, Islamophobia, and more.”

“So I actually think there’s a 100 percent chance that this is going to continue and that she should be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee—there should be actual consequences.

From Fox News:

The House GOP Israel Caucus Co-Chairman Lee Zeldin said Thursday on “America’s Newsroom” that he believes Ilhan Omar will continue to make anti-Semitic comments and should be removed from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.



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