North Korean Slave Escapee Tears Into Olympic Hammer Thrower Gwen Berry – If Berry Did That In N. Korea She Would Be Executed

Yeonmi Park said that if Gwen Berry pulled a stunk like that in North Korea 8 generations of her family would be executed, according to The Western Journal.

“If she was North Korean, not only herself going to be executed, including eight generations of her family going to be sent to political prison camp and execution,” Park argued. “So the fact that going there and refusing to represent the most tolerant, the land of the free, it’s unthinkable.”

“I was a slave. I was sold in China in 2007 as a child at 13 years old. The people actually going slavery under Chinese Communist Party in North Korea. There is actual injustice.”

“And the fact that she’s complaining about this country, the most tolerant country — she doesn’t really understand, I think, history.”

“I just hope they go to North Korea, China and see how humans are being oppressed.”

“And they will truly understand how valuable the freedom that we have is.”

“In North Korea, people who are actually oppressed don’t even know they’re oppressed,” Park stated.

“The fact that she’s complaining about oppression and systemic racism — she does not understand that she’s so privileged.”

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From The Western Journal:

Berry, who is black, has since said the song represents a system of racial oppression, pointing to a debunked reading of Francis Scott Key’s work.

Her antics took all of the attention away from the two other qualifying athletes — first- and second-place finishers DeAnna Price and Brooke Andersen.

Both women showed respect for the American flag and anthem after outperforming Berry. Meanwhile, the supposedly oppressed third-place finisher sucked all of the air out of the room.

Some oppression there, right?

Park told “Fox & Friends” that if Berry had tried a similar stunt in North Korea, she probably wouldn’t be alive to talk about it.

Park concluded that while so many people in her home country and others are “dying to come to America at this very moment,” people such as Berry are clueless about those who struggle to simply stay alive at the mercy of oppressive governments and cultures.



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