Illegal UAC Girl Sheds Light On ‘Heartbreaking Conditions’ – Reality Of What Goes In These Detention Centers

An illegal immigrant girl revealed the ‘Heartbreaking” reality of the “conditions” for minors at a detention center in Fort Bliss, according to The Western Journal.

“These heartbreaking conditions are emblematic of the many problems with the warehousing of vulnerable children by contractors with little to no child welfare experience,” Krish O’Mara Vinarajah said.

“Overly controlled schedules, limited educational and recreational time, inadequate nutrition, and insufficient access to case managers are deeply troubling conditions that no child should be subjected to.”

“These children aren’t just in our government’s custody; they are in our care — their welfare is better served in settings that are small, safe, and licensed in line with their best interests.”

“The primary focus now and in years to come must be building permanent, licensed capacity to eliminate the need to warehouse children in conditions that may traumatize them. We can, and must, welcome these children with compassion and dignity,” Vinarajah stated.

From Fox News:

An immigration organization criticized the “heartbreaking conditions” at a detention center for illegal migrant children at Fort Bliss, Texas, in a statement provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Thursday.

In a court document filed in June, a 13-year-old girl held at the Fort Bliss site said children slept in tents with hundreds of others where the lights were always on. She claimed they were served bloody or raw meat.

Employees confiscated items the migrant children could use to hurt themselves, including writing utensils and plastic identification cards, according to the girl. She said she and dozens of others were placed on a suicide watch and monitored continuously for 10 days.

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