Rioter Attacks Police Officers During Riots In Protest Of The Death Of George Floyd – Sentenced To 18 Months

Abraham Jenkins was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison after attacking police officers during a George Floyd protest riot, according to Fox News.

Prosecutors claimed that Jenkins sprayed a fire extinguisher at police officers, threw a water bottle at an officer and also threw a burning t-shirt inside a broken window of a police cruiser.

“The United States Attorney’s Office will always protect the First Amendment rights of South Carolinians,” said Acting U.S. Attorney M. Rhett DeHart.

“However, when peaceful protests turn into violence and destruction, the violent agitators committing crimes will be brought to justice.”

“While the Charleston Police Department will always support our citizen’s right to peaceful protest, we will never condone violent or destructive acts that endanger our citizens or damage property,” said Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds.

“More work remains to be accomplished as we continue investigating and prosecuting those violent offenders responsible for the significant destruction of property, assault on our citizens and attack on our officers.”

” We will not rest until justice is accomplished for all impacted by those criminal acts.”

From Fox News:

Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on Memorial Day last year sparked riots and protests across the country that called for justice in the cases of Black Americans who died during interactions with police, with many participants demanding police departments be defunded.

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The widespread violence from the riots left cities such as Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis with millions of dollars in damages to businesses and government buildings. All in, the riots following Floyd’s death could cost insurance companies up to $2 billion.

Jenkins is the second of six defendants who have been sentenced for their participation in riots in Charleston and Columbia.



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