‘America First’ U.S. Armed Service Veteran Takes Aim On ‘The Swamp’ – Plans To Take Seat In Washington D.C.

Combat veteran Joe Kent now sets his sights on Congress, according to Town Hall.

Joe Kent apparently stands in support of “tax cuts, ending the COVID lockdowns, confronting the Chinese threat, stopping our endless wars, pro-police, and ensuring we have election integrity,” reported Town Hall.

From Town Hall:

On term limits, Kent made a good argument for why they should be in place. First, he noted that one’s political career isn’t over under these rules. This is America; you can run for some other office in your community. Second, it would force national committees to reach out and find new candidates to fill the bench and add depth. The detachment that so many people feel from both parties could be traced that so many seats are shoo-ins that make voter outreach less of a priority. This causes things to atrophy.

I get the argument that who are we to say when a politician should go, especially when the voters of their respective districts elect and re-elect them over and over, but forcing the DC folks to have to come out of the beltway for candidate recruitment efforts will certainly keep things fresh in an otherwise stale city.

He’s also seen the effect of the lawlessness and pro-crime agenda Democrats have peddled over the past couple of years with the defund the police movement, which he says has its roots in critical race theory. In Washington Three, whatever happens in Portland, impacts where he lives. The district sits along the border of the city. With cops hamstrung, Antifa marched freely, especially in Vancouver, which is right across the Hood River. Ms. Beutler said nothing.


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