Lone Officer Stands at Attention in Downpour — Powerful Video Captures Him Honoring Deceased World War II Veteran

A video is going viral online of a police officer in Alabama.

The video shows the officer standing at attention in the middle of a heavy downpour of rain.

The funeral procession was for a 100-year-old veteran in the United States Army.

The officer is Newman Brazier from Mount Vernon Police Department officer.

Instead of wearing his rain gear, Brazier kept on his usual uniform.

The body of Private First Class Robert Lee Serling was heading to the cemetery where it was laid to rest.

Brazier’s actions were caught on camera and reportedly drew the attention of the mourners. Take a look:

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More from Western Journal:

“Somebody like that, you marvel at their respect, admiration, and all they stand for,” Irby Jr., president of the 92nd Infantry Division, told WPMI of Brazier’s act of honor. The 92nd “Buffalo” was a racially segregated all-black division in the two world wars.

“That’s what vets do,” said Brazier, who is a veteran himself.

“I felt that he wanted to be acknowledged. I felt that being from a small town like Mount Vernon and that he can do what he did, and he can pass and nobody realize it and not respect it.”

“It was my point to let everyone in that area know that he was there, he was passing through, even if it was for the last time,” he said.

Serling was one among the handful of African-Americans to fight for the nation in the Pacific theater of the Second World War.

He had lived a long life of 100 years before he passed away on June 5.



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