‘You Got Gold’: 17-Year-Old American High Schooler Shocks the World — Including Herself — By Winning Gold

“You got gold,” cheered her friend Sarah Spanos. “Oh my gosh, gold!”

17-year-old American high schooler Lydia Jacoby from Seward, Alaska, won the gold medal in the women’s 100-meter breast stroke in Tokyo.

Jack Davis of Western Journal writes, “Her victory, ahead of Team USA teammate and former gold medalist Lilly King, who holds the world record, and South African star Tatyana Schoenmaker, produced first shock and then celebration on Jacoby’s face as she realized what she had accomplished.”

Jacoby said after the race, “I definitely stressed myself out yesterday so I was just trying to feel good and feel happy going into it, and I feel like I did that.”

“We love to keep that gold in the USA family,” said King, who took a bronze medal. “This kid just had the swim of her life and I’m so proud to be her teammate and win bronze for my country.” Watch the race:

From Western Journal:

The celebration was unrestrained in her hometown, where her friends and family stayed up late to watch Alaska’s first-ever Olympic swimmer on TV, according to Alaska Public Media.

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“She always rises up to the top of every competition she gets to,” Connor Spanos said. “And it was no different at the Olympics, clearly.”

“It’s so crazy and exciting because she’s worked so hard for so long,” said Wren Dougherty, a friend of Jacoby. “She’s a really humble person, so she really deserves all this recognition.”

TRENDING 👇 Romney Gets Nasty Wake-Up Call in New Poll

A recent poll delivered bad news to Mitt Romney.

Romney received just 4% of voters who favor him as the current 2024 Republican presidential nominee. Assuming former President Donald Trump does not run, most voters favor Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the current 2024 Republican presidential nominee.

The poll was conducted by Echelon Insights. It fielded responses from 1,001 registered voters between June 18 to June 22. The poll asked Republican voters, “If Donald Trump does NOT seek the Republican nomination for President in 2024 and the presidential primaries were being held today, for whom would you vote?”


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