Liberal Actor Michael Rapaport Suffers Meltdown During Jan. 6 Hearing: ‘Sick F***ing Animals’

During Pelosi’s January 6 Commission hearing, left-wing celebrities weighed in to give their thoughts.

Rep. Jim Banks explained the commission is extremely partisan.

Banks said, “It’s clear at this point that Nancy Pelosi has cherry-picked the members to serve on this committee. She has pre-written a narrative. Only members who will stick to her talking points are allowed to serve on this committee.”

Among Hollywood leftists speaking out, Netflix’s Atypical star Michael Rapaport took to Twitter with a full meltdown.

“Sick fkcing animals,” Rapaport wrote.

Rapaport has a long history of becoming unhinged over political issues. Here’s a quick look at past headlines:

Actor Michael Rapaport Calls Melania Trump A ‘Hooker’ In Shameful Post

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TRENDING 👇 Hannity Absolutely Eviscerates Fauci Over New Mask Mandate

Hannity went off on Fauci over new mask mandates.

Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested that bringing back mask mandates is “under active consideration” and that he is “part of the discussion” around the decision. Sean Hannity quickly fired back at Fauci: “Two months ago, it was Joe Biden who proudly declared a policy of ‘vax or mask.'”

Hannity continued, “Well, now the CDC is considering a revised new, new, new policy of vaccination and a mask. How many more mixed messages will the American people be given? One mask, two masks, no mask, some mass, mask indoors and mask outdoors and maybe mask in perpetuity and now it is never mind what we said before?” Hannity asked.

“And remember,” Hannity said, “according to Democrats, the media mob and the great flip-flop Dr. Anthony Fauci, well, life is supposed to return to normal for vaccinated Americans. That’s what they told us. How is this following the science everyone was supposed to follow?” Hannity emphasized. “Are we supposed to ignore the science?”


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