Cops Blame Trump, Republicans for Allegedly Inspiring and Then Downplaying Jan. 6 Capitol Attack

Four police officers criticized former president Donald Trump during the Jan. 6 commission hearing.

These officers helped defend the Capitol from Trump supporters on Jan. 6.

They also criticized Republicans for remaining loyal to Trump.

The officers accused Trump of allegedly inspiring and then downplaying the attack.

Metropolitan Police Department Officer Daniel Hodges said, “You guys are the only ones we’ve got to deal with crimes that occur above us.”

“I need you guys to address if anyone in power had a role in this,” he continued. “If anyone in power coordinated, or aided abetted or tried to downplay, tried to prevent the investigation of this terrorist attack.”

“The mob of terrorists were coordinating their efforts… shouting ‘heave, ho,’ as they synchronized pushing their weight forward crushing me further against the metal doorframe,” Hodges said. “A man in front of me grabbed my baton… he bashed me in the head and face with it, rupturing my lip and adding additional injury to my skull.”

MPD Officer Michael Fanone said he was “electrocuted again and again and again with a taser. I am sure I was screaming, but I don’t think I could hear my own voice.”

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Fox News reports more:

USCP Private First Class Harry Dunn asked the committee not to shy away from the political causes of the attack.

“It’s not a secret that it was political. They were literally there to ‘stop the steal,’” Dunn said. “Telling the truth shouldn’t be hard.”

The officers were also harsh on Republicans who are downplaying the violence, which forced hundreds of lawmakers and former Vice President Mike Pence into hiding.

“It’s disgraceful that members of our government I believe were responsible for inciting that behavior and then continue to propagate those statements. Things like this was 1776,” Fanone later said. “To me those individuals are representative of the worst that America has to offer.”

TRENDING 👇 Top Democrat Donor Found Guilty

Ed Buck was finally convicted in court on Tuesday of very disturbing crimes.

The prominent liberal activist who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates injected men with methamphetamine in exchange for sex, causing two deaths.

Buck was convicted by a federal jury of two counts of meth distribution resulting in death. He was also found guilty of three other charges following deliberations. The trial took two weeks. Buck, who is 66 years old, will face a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison at his sentencing.

More from NY Post:

The verdict was handed down four years to the day after 26-year-old Gemmel Moore was found dead of a drug overdose in Buck’s West Hollywood apartment. An investigation revealed that Buck had purchased a plane ticket for Moore, who was black, to fly from Texas to Los Angeles to “party and play” with the older white man.

“The party is the drugs, the play is the sex,” Assistant US Attorney Chelsea Norell told jurors in her opening statement. “If they didn’t party, he wasn’t interested.”