Olympic Team Faces Major Backlash For Leaving Uniforms in the Trash — Here’s Their Explanation

Mexican softball players threw their uniforms in the trash.

They quickly came under fire when the uniforms were found. Mexican boxer Brianda Tamara Cruz Sandoval found some of the uniforms and criticized the softball team.

Cruz said, “This uniform represents years of effort, sacrifice and tears.”

“All of us who are Mexican athletes yearn to wear it with dignity, and today sadly the Mexican softball team left it in the Olympic Village’s trash,” Cruz said.

A pitcher for Mexico’s softball team, Danielle O’Toole, offered an apology and gave an explanation. The team members are allowed one suitcase and they aren’t able to fit all of their clothes, equipment, etc. in order to travel. They ended up leaving items in the trash, including the uniform.

“None of my teammates threw their jerseys away. It has been heartbreaking to see how many of you are disappointed and hurt by actions I truly meant no harm in doing. The amount of hateful and threatening comments all of us have received from people assuming that we threw everything away has been overwhelming,” O’Toole’s said.

“I am taking responsibility for leaving some Lining clothing in Tokyo. I asked the postal service in the village if they ship boxes internationally and they said letters only. We should have asked more questions, looked into donating, anything except leave them the way we did and for that I am extremely sorry. From the bottom of my heart. I tried very hard to fit as much as I could … clothing, toiletries, and items of sentimental value into the one suitcase that was allowed. Still, there is no justifying it, we could have done more. I am sorry, and hope that you all can accept my apology.”

“Wearing Mexico across my chest has been an honor and a privilege,” O’Toole added. “I would never throw anything away with malicious intent or to disrespect the country we worked so hard for. I chose to represent Mexico. I am grateful to my family who came to the U.S. and worked hard so I could have this life. So I could play in the Olympics and live out my dream. Before this story circulated, we as a team were receiving love, heartfelt messages, and we could feel your positivity radiate through. I have never wanted anything more in my life than to make sure that we brought a medal back to Mexico.”

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TRENDING 👇 Transgender Weightlifter Loses at Olympics

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard competed as the first transgender athlete in the Olympics.

Hubbard, who transitioned at age 35, competes against women in weightlifting. Hubbard, who is now 43, entered Olympic competition after eight years following the transition. Hubbard went through male puberty then qualified to joined New Zealand’s team in weightlifting and compete for gold.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) made its decision to allow transgender athletes to compete. “We have to pay tribute to her courage,” the IOC said. However, Hubbard quickly learned her fate at the Olympics. She failed in the women’s +87kg weightlifting.

Hubbard had three attempts. In the first attempt, the weightlifter tried to lift 120kg and failed. In the second attempt, Hubbard lifted a “very shaky” 125kg. One of the female commentators reportedly said it’s “very surprising that the questionable 125kg lift wasn’t challenged with an appeal.”

Hubbard failed to lift the 125kg on the third attempt which removed the weightlifter from the competition.

The IOC’s medical and science director — Dr. Richard Budgett — acknowledged that Hubbard competing in weightlifting was “large, difficult and complex,” Fox News reported. While transgender athletes are required to demonstrate that their testosterone level is below a specific measurement for at least 12 months prior to their first competition, serious questions remain whether decades of higher testosterone levels have already produced significant muscle growth and maturity, which give Hubbard an unfair advantage against her fellow female competitors.



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