The ‘Squad’ Suffers Huge Loss — Special Election Results for Ohio Are In

The left-wing ‘Squad’ just received devastating news.

In a huge loss, Nina Turner was defeated in the Ohio congressional special election. Turner is allied with “squad” member AOC as well as socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

She lost to Shontel Brown on Tuesday night. Brown won 51 percent to Turner’s 44 percent. Ironically, even though Turner out-fundraised Brown significantly, Turner still blamed “evil money” for her loss.

Even worst for Democrats, Mike Carey — who was endorsed by Trump — was victorious among other Republicans in the primary. So he’ll face Democrat Allison Russo in November.

Here’s what Trump said about Carey: “Mike Carey, who is running for Congress in the Great State of Ohio, was born and raised in the 15th District. He will be a courageous fighter for the people and our economy, is strong on the Border, and tough on Crime. As a Veteran, he totally supports our Military and his fellow Vets. A strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Mike will do an outstanding job in Congress. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

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TRENDING 👇 After Turning Back on Flag, US Olympian Gwen Berry Suffers Massive Defeat in Tokyo, Comes in Almost Dead Last

It appears Gwen Berry needs to spend less time focused on her radical left-wing activism.

Berry is a hammer thrower for the U.S. team who famously protested the national anthem. She turned her back on the flag. The Olympian suggested that she might protest her own country on the world stage. Now she won’t have the opportunity to do so.

Berry has placed almost dead last in the Olympic final. She finished 11th out of 12 competitors. She threw the hammer at a distance of 71.35 meters, which is over four meters short of a medal.

“I feel like I’ve earned the right to wear this uniform,” she said. If given the opportunity, Berry hinted that she would turn the medal ceremony into a political spectacle. “I’ll represent the oppressed people,” she said. “That’s been my message for the last three years.”

“People hate me when I succeed,” she tweeted. “People show me hate when I don’t. Either way.. my message still remains. I still will be an advocate for CHANGE and SOCIAL JUSTICE.”


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