Election Officials in Wisconsin Just Removed Over 205,000 Voters from Rolls

A bombshell report from The Associated Press confirms that Wisconsin election officials removed more than 205,000 names from their voter rolls.

According to state election laws require, every two years officials must identify registered voters who have not cast a ballot in the past four years.

After these individuals are contacted by mail, the commission removes the individual from the list if they do not wish to remain on the list by the specified deadline.

The AP reported that 174,307 voter registrations had been deactivated. They deactivated another 31,854 registrations of voters who may have moved and did not respond to the mailing.

In the summer of 2019, prior to the 2020 election, elections officials identified more than 230,000 voters who may have moved. A lawsuit was reportedly filed to force the commission to take those names off the list. This case went to the state Supreme Court, but it ruled in favor of the Elections Commission to keep the names on the list.

Here’s why all of this matters: Trump only lost to Biden by just over 20,000 votes. Western Journal explains:

Yes, the commission had identified nearly a quarter of a million names of voters who had likely moved out of state and had not responded to a mailing.

This in a state that then-President Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden by just over 20,000 votes out of more than 3 million cast. On Oct. 28, just six days before the election, The Washington Post released a poll showing Biden ahead by 17 points.

Questions about election fraud in Wisconsin continue to linger nine months after the election. Many Republicans have called for a forensic audit of all ballots cast in the state and will, in fact, hold a rally on Friday at the state Capitol in Madison.

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Protesters are trying to sway the speaker of the state Assembly, Republican Robin Vos, who acknowledges that irregularities occurred in November yet gives the distinct impression he’s working to make sure a Maricopa County, Arizona-type forensic audit never happens.


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