Fox News’ Janice Dean Reacts Following Disgraced NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Resignation: ‘God Bless America

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has officially announced that he will resign.

In four consecutive tweets, Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean expresses what every American has been feeling.

Dean has been a vocal opponent of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over the last year and argued, in part, that his policies led to thousands of nursing home deaths

Dean was cautiously optimistic at first:

An independent investigation finds that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a sexual predator who has sexually harrassed current and former staff members beginning in 2013 through 2020.

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A 165-page report released by New York Attorney General Letitia James concludes that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and retaliated against a former employee who complained.

Despite calls from President Joe Biden to step down, Cuomo initially refused. Cuomo used a horrible response to very serious allegations of at least 11 corroborated accounts of sexual harassment.

His excuse? Cuomo says he simply does it with everyone. “I do it with everyone,” he said. “Black and white. Young and old. Straight and LGBTQ. Powerful people, friends, strangers, people who I meet on the street.”

In annoucing his resignation, Cuomo said, “I think that given the circumstances the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to government, and therefore that is what I’ll do, because I work for you, and doing the right thing, is doing the right thing for you.”

Democrat Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will serve the rest of his term. She is New York’s first female governor.

63-year-old Cuomo would be facing impeachment proceedings since he continued to insist that he did nothing wrong. He will leave office in 24 days.

These alleged crimes committed by Cuomo violate both state and federal law. The attorney general’s probe included interviews with 179 people.

Reports of sexual harassment are “very well corroborated,” the report finds.

Over the past year, many Democrats and self-described “Me Too” supporters failed to publicly criticize Cuomo and call for an investigation. This helped protect his ability to abuse power and seek further opportunities to sexually harass women.

James said, “This is a sad day for New York because independent investigators have concluded that Governor Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and, in doing so, broke the law.”

More from Fox News:

The investigation’s report is based on allegations from 11 different complainants, nine of whom have worked for Cuomo, either in the past or currently.

Former staff member Lindsey Boylan was the first to come forward with allegations, detailing encounters with the governor in a Medium post in February. Boylan alleged that Cuomo made multiple inappropriate comments to her including suggesting that they play strip poker, and that he once kissed her without consent.

Several other women accused Cuomo of making inappropriate sexual comments and engaging in unwanted touching, the most egregious being from an anonymous executive assistant who claims that he invited her to his residence and groped her breast under her blouse. The same woman told investigators that Cuomo had also repeatedly touched her butt, kissed her on the lips at least once, and asked her on multiple occasions whether she has or would cheat on her husband.

Other anonymous allegations came from a New York state trooper, two employees of state-affiliated entities. Charlotte Bennett, Ana Liss, Alyssa McGrath, and a woman who only went by Kaitlin are other current and former state employees who brought allegations against the governor. Non-employees Anna Ruch and Virginia Limmiatis claimed that he touched them without consent.

Investigators said they found all 11 complainants to be credible, and their findings were “very well corroborated.”

CNN covered the new report of sexual harassment accusations against NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

However, there was one critical piece of the story missing: CNN’s on-air broadcasts “largely ignored the involvement of their primetime anchor Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his brother’s scandals,” Fox News reports.

NY Attorney General Letitia James reported that CNN’s Chris Cuomo was one of several unpaid advisors whom the governor consulted with on handling his ongoing sexual harassment allegations.

Chris Cuomo gave suggestions on how his brother should respond to the sexual harassment claims.

Chris Cuomo also told CNN viewers the next day he “obviously” could not cover the harassment claims due to conflict of interest.

From Fox News:

Although CNN President Jeff Zucker acknowledged in May that it was wrong for Chris Cuomo to advise his brother, he issued no punishment for one of the network’s stars… The AG report said Chris Cuomo and others were “regularly provided with confidential and often privileged information about state operations and helped make decisions that impacted State business and employees—all without any formal role, duty, or obligation to the State.”

Despite Chris Cuomo’s documented involvement with his brother’s allegations, CNN almost entirely ignored referencing it when discussing the Attorney General’s report… A notable exception came from “Inside Politics” anchor John King, who mentioned the CNN anchor halfway through his broadcast. He downplayed his extensive involvement in managing his brother’s political crisis as him having “reached out and talked to his brother.”

“I’m going to put this on the record,” King said. “Many of you know this, but the governor’s brother, Chris, works right here at CNN as an anchor. We should note that and he was interviewed as part of the report as someone who reached out and talked to his brother as this crisis was unfolding.”