Biden Makes Gaffe So Bad That ‘Dementia Joe’ Starts Trending on Twitter

Joe Biden’s sharp cognitive decline appeared to worsen as he struggled through a media briefing on Afghanistan.

The media briefing went so poorly that “Dementia Joe” began trending on Twitter.

Biden appeared to forget an entire question and also seemed to forget the name of his own FEMA director.

The NY Post, known for its headlines, placed Biden on the front-page with the caption “Dumkirk.”

As Biden fumbled questions, he struggled to remember the name of his director of the Federal Emergency Management Administration just as he was saying she was exactly the woman to lead the response to the storm.

Even more concerning, the gaffe actually occurred during Biden’s scripted remarks.

He was speaking about the impact the storm would have on the Northeast.

Biden said, “We have been closely monitoring Henri’s progress and making the necessary preparations.”

“Fortunately, it’s no longer a hurricane; it’s been downgraded to a tropical storm,” he continued. “And we are taking it seriously, though, because of the size and the storm’s surge and the rainfall it’s producing. It’s also — it’s also impacting an area of the country that has already experienced heavy rainfall over the past several days,” Biden said.

“And while New Englanders are used to dealing with some tough weather, this storm has the potential for widespread consequences across the region, with significant flooding and power outages that could affect hundreds of thousands of people.”

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“There’s no one better to lead this operation than … than …. umm … uh … Deanne … uh … Criswell,” Biden said.

“Thankfully, he has the right person in charge — if only he could remember her name,” writes C. Douglas Golden at Western Journal.

“And if there really were someone better to lead the operation, he probably just forgot that name entirely,” Golden added. managing editor Spencer Brown also noted what happened:

Biden is also accused of forgetting an entire question during the “Dumkirk” news conference.

The question came from Zeke Miller of The Associated Press.

Here’s what happened via Western Journal:

[Miller] noted that Biden promised he would “usher in an era where the world can count on America to live up to its promises,” according to the transcript. Then he posed two questions.

The first had to do with his promises to the Afghans who had helped the United States during our time in the country. The second question had to do with Biden’s “message to America’s partners around the world who have criticized not the withdrawal, but the conduct of that withdrawal and made them question America’s credibility on the world stage.”

Biden was perfectly happy to discourse on the second question, albeit in a thoroughly disingenuous way.

To sum it up, Biden began by saying “I have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world”…

He rambled on about this, however — and segued by saying, “The first part of your question was — I can’t remember now.”

When reminded, Biden assured everyone he would get our Afghan helpers out: “There were translators. They went into battle with us,” Biden said, according to the transcript. “They were part of the operation as well as we’re also trying to get out as many NGOs, non-government organizations, women’s organizations, et cetera, we’re doing all we can.”