Biden Claimed He Went to Synagogue That Was Attacked by White Supremacists — Synagogue Says That’s Not True

The Daily Wire reported that Joe Biden’s “memory” of visiting the victims of a domestic terrorism attack at the Tree of Life synangogue in Pittsburgh, PA in which 11 people lost their lives was completely untrue.

The accusation that the nation’s top Democrat is being dishonest comes from the executive director of the synagogue, Barb Feige.

While speaking with a group of Jewish leaders during a virtual event, Biden stated “I remember spending time at the, you know, uh, going to, uh, the, uh, you know, the Tree of Life synagogue, speaking with them,”

Later in the speech, he further hinted that he was describing his direct contact with the victims of the attack.

The synagogue’s director told the New York Post that Biden did not visit the victims after the massacre or the several years since.

Former President Trump and his daughter Ivanka visited the Tree of Life synagogue within days after the attack in October of 2018.

A clip of Biden’s allegedly false claim was posted to Twitter.



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