FBI Releases Video of Mysterious Suspect Who Planted Pipe Bombs Outside RNC, DNC Before Jan. 6

This is one of the biggest mysteries about the Jan. 6th riot.

A suspect allegedly planted pipe bombs at both the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters at the nation’s capitol.

The suspected bomber was caught on video.

The FBI is finally releasing the footage and it’s featured on NBC News.

NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams begins, “They say they don’t know who this person was and that’s why they keep releasing these videos, hoping that somebody will see something that will strike them familiar and they’ll call in a tip.”

“But let’s go back to the one you were just showing. This is the suspect coming into a park that’s right next to the Democratic national headquarters on Capitol Hill.”

“Now, you don’t see the suspect plant a pipe bomb,” NBC added. “But it’s in this area, I think just out of the frame here, where the pipe bomb was placed.”

“What you do see is the suspect wearing a hoodie, a face mask, black and white, gray Nike Air Max turf shoes, gloves, carrying a backpack, sits down, takes something out of the backpack that appears to be a cell phone because you see this sort of illumination of the person there, like the light coming from the phone. And then that person just gets up and walks out of the frame.”

Williams continues, “The only thing that’s really, frankly, very helpful about this is to show just where this person was in this area right next to the Democratic national headquarters.”

“Now, the other video that the FBI put together takes what we have previously seen of surveillance videos of the suspect walking around and creates a map of what the FBI says was this person’s movements on the night of January 5th,” Williams adds.

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“They say these two pipe bombs that were placed at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee were placed between 7:30 and 8:30 on the night of January 5th.”

Watch the clip:

Williams said, “This is the Capitol Hill Club right across from the House Office Building right near the Republican National Committee.”

“The RNC is on First Street in southeast Washington, the DNC, the Democratic National Committee is on South Capitol in southeast Washington. And so you can trace this person’s movements and where they were seen at different times, and you see in the lower right portion of your screen, Folger Park. That’s what the FBI says they believe the suspect worked out of that area or sort of based there on the night of the 5th.”

“But they say after canvassing this area very extensively, they don’t think this suspect — and by the way, they don’t know if this person is a man or a woman,” the report continued. “They don’t know, they don’t think the suspect is from this Capitol Hill area. And I think that’s one reason why they’re trying to get more attention for these videos.”

“So what they’re hoping is that somebody will look at these videos on their website and see something familiar, maybe it’s what the person is wearing, maybe it’s the way they walk,” the report said.

“Maybe it’s the way they carry that backpack, is there something familiar that would cause them to phone in a tip. These two pipe bombs did not go off. They were placed the night before the Capitol riot.”

“But they weren’t actually discovered until a couple of hours before the riot, and you may remember that it was their discovery that pulled a lot of police away from the Capitol and sort of began to create that kind of confusion that finally erupted with the Capitol riot on the 6th.”
Becker News notes, “It is interesting that NBC News notes that the bomb threats pulled police away from the Capitol, because it was their discovery that had actually caused Congress to be evacuated to begin with, and not the threat of the riot itself.”