Video Of Fauci From Two Years Ago Is Going Viral

A 46-second video of Dr. Anthony Fauci is going viral.

It was filmed roughly two years ago in May 2019.

In just a few seconds, the footage completely exposes the blatant contradictions, flip-flops, and hypocrisy of the CDC and Dr. Fauci over the past 24 months.

When asked if people should wear masks, Fauci laughed.

Fauci, who is a physician-scientist and Chief Medical Advisor to the president, said people should avoid “paranoid” behaviors like mask-wearing.

Instead, Fauci correctly recommended that people do “something positive” such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, regular exercise, avoid cigarettes and alcohol, and getting good sleep.

Watch the clip:

Fox News explains Fauci’s flip-flop on masks:

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“One big, obvious area of flipping is around the benefits of wearing a mask. Dr. Fauci originally said that masks weren’t effective & publicly encouraged Americans not to buy them (guidance he doesn’t regret). Now even vaccinated people need to wear masks,” Holden wrote to accompany images of various headlines showing changing positions on masks.

Holden also pointed out that Fauci recently “declared confidently that the CDC wasn’t going to change its recommendation about masking given the Delta variant.” He added the image of a headline indicating that Fauci has since changed his position and recently said new mask mandates are under consideration.

The next tweet indicated that the numbers of masks recommended has also changed periodically throughout the pandemic.

“Dr. Fauci was a leading voice suggesting for months that the pandemic couldn’t possibly have leaked from a lab in Wuhan (one that received US tax dollars, by the way),” Holden wrote next.

“That was until the consensus changed. And then, suddenly, the theory couldn’t be dismissed,” he continued. “Complete 180.”

Here’s the YouTube version of the viral Fauci clip:


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