‘They’re All Frauds’: Emmys Under Fire After Viewers See Celebs Parading Around Maskless In Packed Tent

The rules apparently don’t apply to liberal Hollywood celebrities.

Celebrities showed up at the Emmys parading around unmasked in Los Angeles.

Many wealthy elites also appeared unmasked at the Met Gala last week in New York City.

This instantly triggered massive outrage and backlash.

“The rich and famous can’t spread COVID,” one person said on Twitter.

“Masking is solely reserved for us peasants, vaccinated or not,” the person added.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton said, “These same liberals sanctimoniously mock Republicans for giving parents a choice about masks.”

“They’re all frauds,” Cotton continued. “And that includes Fauci, who removes his mask when the cameras are off.”

Despite online backlash, the Los Angeles Department of Health claims the 2021 Emmy Awards did not violate coronavirus safety protocols.

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It’s still unclear why the maskless gathering inside an enclosed tent without social distancing did not violate coronavirus safety protocols.

Mask mandates are currently in place in Los Angeles County. For example, all kids ages two and older have to wear them in preschool and school in Los Angeles.

The only explanation thus far is that coronavirus protocols in Los Angeles do not apply to the wealthy elite.

In fact, the Los Angeles Department of Health explained this “exception” in a statement to Fox News.

The statement read, “Exceptions are made for film, television, and music productions, as additional safety modifications are made for these controlled interactions.”

“The Emmy Award Show is a television production, and persons appearing on the show are considered performers,” read the statement.

Unbelievably, an “exception” is made within the Los Angeles County mask mandate not only for “performers” but apparently also for attendees for film, television, and music productions.

Buzz Patterson, the former senior military aide to President Bill Clinton, responded, “Emmys = no masks. Our college and high school sons = masks. Where’s the outrage?”

Outkick founder Clay Travis said, “Why did none of the celebrities at the Emmys have to wear masks indoors but all kids ages two and older have to wear them in preschool and school in Los Angeles?”

Another person on social media noted, “Why is it that only ‘the help’ have to wear masks at the Emmy’s?”

“First it was the Met Gala. And now this. Seems that Covid-19 gives you a pass if you are wearing black tie or a designer frock. Or maybe it is just one rule for one group … and one for another.”

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