NBC’s Chuck Todd Suggests Trump Is To Blame For The Media Not Putting A ‘Spotlight’ On Dem ‘Problems’

NBC’s Chuck Todd made a stunning accusation against President Donald Trump.

Todd suggests that Trump is to blame for the media failing to put a “spotlight” on the Democrats’ “problems.”

This comment was said presumably to deflect Todd’s own responsibility as a major figure in the news media by working as the political director at NBC News.

Host Willie Geist asked about Trump, “What is he doing now?”

“Going after Republicans not supportive of him and then chasing the last election everywhere he goes?” Geist asked.

Fox News notes that Todd then chuckled at the question that involved “trying to figure out what’s in Donald Trump’s head.”

“It’s the same thing that has driven Donald Trump for 30 years,” Todd began.

“Obsession with people either on his side or not on his side,” Todd told Geist.

“So look, this is a — he’s creating a cult of personality movement or he has created a cult of personality movement. It’s not ideologically driven.”

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“It’s just driven by what’s good for Trump, as he believes is good for the Republican Party. What’s bad for Trump, he believes is bad for the Republican Party,” Todd continued.

“And that’s how he’s operating. That’s how he’s picking candidates.”

“Without Donald Trump in the way, I think the Democratic Party’s problems would be- would be a bit more in the spotlight, if you will,” Todd said.

“But Donald Trump, by dividing his party the way he’s done — look, it will be the singular reason why if Terry McAuliffe wins in Virginia, in this political environment, he will have Donald Trump to thank.”

“So Donald Trump is a huge asset right now to the Democratic Party and President Biden,” he concluded.

Watch the clip:


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